SKILCRAFT USB Flash Drives Password Protection Tool

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To download and utilize the Password Protection Tool, follow the instructions below.
Note: Due to OS security control, WIN2000/XP you must be logged in with the administrative rights to run the disk partitions and security function.

1) Go to My Computer.
2) Right-click on the flash drive and click properties.
3) Click the hardware tab to view the driver property.

Click on corresponding Security Tool below. The prompt to download a zip file will appear. Please save to your computer and read the PDF Instructions before installing.

Most Common Driver
Security Tool
Windows 98/98SE

Security Tool
Windows 98/98SE

Security Tool
Windows 98/98SE
Security Tool
Windows 98/98SE

Security Tool/Windows
98/98SE Driver

(combined download)
Security Tool

Our Recommendations for High Security and Protection

For high security, we recommend SKILCRAFT USB Flash Drives with FIPS 140-2, Level 1 256-bit AES Encryption or for advanced protection, the SKILCRAFT® FIPS 140-2, Level 3 USB Flash Drives.

Administrative rights are not required for our line of 256-bit AES Encrypted USB Flash Drives. They do not require host computer authorization or downloads to protect the flash drive.