Prevention of Blindness

North Central Sight Services, Inc. is dedicated to preventing blindness and vision loss in your community. We provide free vision screenings, educational programs, functional vision exams for children and financial assistance programs, such as the Remedial Eye Care Program.

Our Prevention of Blindness Team works with various community organizations, schools, and businesses to provide free vision screenings. The purpose of our vision screenings is to detect symptoms of vision loss and potential eye diseases. Our preventative vision screenings are designed to be quick, easy and effective. We use the Spotâ„¢ Vision Screener, a handheld device that scans both eyes at the same time from a comfortable three feet away. It can detect potential vision issues across all age groups, starting at six-months. If an individual shows signs of a visual problem and does not pass our screening, we refer that individual to an eye care professional of his or her choice for a complete eye exam.

If your organization would like to coordinate a vision screening at your facility or attend a public screening, please contact our Prevention of Blindness Department. Our service area includes Bradford, Centre, Clinton, Lycoming, Sullivan, and Tioga Counties.

Financial Assistance Programs

Functional Vision Clinic for Children
Our Functional Vision Clinic provides children an opportunity to receive a complete eye examination by a pediatric optometrist who specializes in testing for visual-related learning problems. The clinic is held monthly at our facility. Common signs of a functional vision issue include poor eye-hand coordination, alternate uses of the right and left hands,
and difficulty when studying visual information. If you suspect your child has a functional vision problem, please contact our Prevention of Blindness Department for more information.

Remedial Eye Care Program
Our Remedial Eye Care Program is designed to assist low income individuals in obtaining eye exams and glasses. Eligibility is based upon the total household income and the number of people living in the home. This program is designed to provide a basic pair of glasses.
Download the Remedial Eye Care Assistance Program Application